LR308 80% Lowers

An 80% Lower Receiver is not an FFL (Federal Firearms License) required item and is by definition “not a firearm” and is considered by the federal government to be nothing more than a paperweight. Our AR10 / LR308 80% lower receiver is machined to 80% and requires further machining to be considered completed, in addition any further machining past the “80%” limit makes this product a firearm by definition of the BATFE.

A Vision Defense our AR10 / LR308 80% lower receivers for sale offer top quality performance in a exceptional finish. Manufactured from either aerospace grade 6061 or 7075 aluminum, we offer our 80% receivers home builders or other FFL’s wanting to build on an 80% lower into a pistol or rifle configuration. Through lean manufacturing Vision Defense is able to provide affordable lowers while increasing our quality. This 80% lowers offered are either forged or billet machined to exceed mil-spec tolerances in house. Offering superior performance at a affordable price. Vision Defense offers its 80% lower receivers for the AR-10 / LR308 builder who wishes to finish his own lower receiver under the 1968 Gun Control Act. Providing optimum strength and durability we are building our passion, and you should too.

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