AR-10 Rifles

The AR10 / LR308 rifle has been a newer addition to Vision Defense’s official rifle line, though we have been building them custom ordered for years. Now after thorough testing we have decided to begin offering complete rifles, LR308 uppers, LR308 Lowers, and even AR10 / LR308 80% lowers. We have compiled the things we love about this platform to provide multiple options to consumers. From objectively priced options to long range precision variants, we are confident one of our models will fit your desire. Just like our AR-15 model line, our AR10 / LR308 rifles offer multiple caliber options from 7.62×51/ .308 Winchester to 6.5 Creedmoor and .243.

Using high quality materials that insure superior strength, The Vision Defense AR10 / LR308 rifles provide shooters with both exemplar reliability and realized value. Built on a precision 6061 or 7075 forged and billet aluminum receivers, each Vision Defense AR10 / LR308 rifle is precision crafted to insure accuracy and dependability. Each rifle is accompanied with our lifetime warranty and built right here in northern Indiana. The Vision Defense AR10 / LR308 — a perfect blend of value and performance built in Northern Indiana. We build our passion, we think you should too.

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