80 Lower LIMITED JIG Assembly

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Our AR-15 80 Lower Jig kit gives you the definitive guide when it comes to taking on an 80 lower yourself. Constructed of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and prepared in our state of the art HAAS CNC machines to the strictest tolerances, we have manufactured this patent pending 80 lower jig kit to be used by anyone wanting to finish their own 80 lower.

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For the last 3 years Vision Defense has put our 1/2 jig design, created in house by our design team. Now they have revisited the 1/2 jig design and revised it’s offerings to be more compact, more versatile, easier to use and manufacture, and ultimately better than the previous version.

The Limited Jig by Vision Defense incorporates subtle changes that make a world of difference for the end user.

Starting from the locating position, our new design utilizes the front and rear takedown pins to locate the position of the top and side plates for your milling methods.

Because of the pinned floating front and rear design our engineers have came up with, our side plates are now also free floating. The free floating side plate makes the jig usable on multiple manufacture’s lowers that may vary in thickness. By free floating the side plates, they are properly located in their horizontal axis but are allowed to move freely in width to adjust to the lower you have chosen.

In addition to the free floating side plate design, they are also identical. No more guessing which plate goes where! They are fully universal for our Limited Jig assembly and can be moved from left to right side or vise versa if needed. This also makes ordering any replacements a breeze for future projects.

The Limited Jig assembly has gained it’s name due to the future plans of the design here at Vision Defense. Future versions will allow the addition of a router plate, progressive drill plates, side plates with drill bushings, and more. Be sure to check out the new Limited Jig assembly that is now being included with our 80% lower Jig Packs and Build Kits.

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2 reviews for 80 Lower LIMITED JIG Assembly

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter G. (verified owner)

    Always great doing business with vision Defense

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    It did not come with instructions, but it’s easy enough to figure it out. A punch is necessary to gently drift the pins out with some tapping. The tolerances of the pins are tight & make a solid fit, which is what I’d want anyway.

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