You’ve probably heard their name by now, seen a video or pictures of their most infamous product called the Dolos Takedown System or the Dolos Quick Change Barrel System. A product that tickles AR-15 pistol and rifle builders everywhere. The Dolos is a collapsible quick detach barrel system that allows for the ultimate truck gun or on the fly caliber changes, but more on that later.

Well, Pantheon Arms is back and has now expanded on their product offerings with the new Kentri Short Buffer System, this super short buffer tube comes in at 3.5″ from the back of the receiver and includes all the parts and components for the internal working “buffer” to make your newest eye candy build as compact as possible, and we mean compact!Pantheon Arms Kentri Short Buffer Tube System

A Little More Information Please

With a introductory price of just $55.00 this product is a top seller among many of Pantheon Arms’s loyal distribution networks, Vision Defense included. The engineering behind the Kentri Short Buffer System is relatively simple but follows complex physics and mathematics to achieve the same reliable results as the original pistol buffer tube you’ve used in the past. The custom manufactured buffer and guide rod is one of Pantheon’s own creations and allows for this super short buffer tube to properly cycle the firearm. Did we mention all of this is used with a standard AR-15 or M16 bolt carrier group? No modifications necessary to run a Kentri Short Buffer System on your AR-15 Pistol build, isn’t that awesome?

Pantheon Arms has two current versions of the Kentri super short buffer tube system available to the public based on what your intended use is for. The inner workings are identical but, the exterior profiles differ slightly based on what style of pistol stabilizing brace you intend to utilize. The current profiles are made for either the SB Tactical or Sig Brace style and the Shockwave Blade stabilizer.

This is what Pantheon Arms has to say for their Kentri Short Buffer System product description:

“With the Kentri short buffer system you make your AR rifle or pistol more compact, and still have the option to use a pistol stabilizing brace, without breaking the bank. Made from type III hardcoat anodized 7075 aluminum and stainless steel, the Kentri extends just 3.5 inches from your lower receiver, and uses a standard mil-spec bolt carrier (not included). The tube is available in two profiles compatible with popular stabilizing braces: the SB Tactical (KTRSB) and Shockwave Blade (KTRSH). The Shockwave profile is shown in the photo with the units installed.”

Pantheon Arms Kentri Short Buffer SystemPhoto Credit: Vision Defense
What has Vision Defense done with the Kentri?

Aside from helping with the initial testing, Vision Defense has also tested the system on both of the firearms shown in the picture above. The top one (the black one) is a 5.56 / .223 AR-15 pistol that features two of Pantheon Arms products, the Dolos and the Kentri. While the bottom one (the white one) is a 9mm PCC AR-9 Pistol with a 4″ barrel and the Pantheon Arms Kentri System.


Okay, So Why is it the best bang for the buck?

So why is the Pantheon Arms Kentri Short Buffer System the best bang for the buck? Well simply because they are the most competitively in priced with an estimated MSRP of only $75.00 and they require no modifications to the receiver or require a custom bolt carrier group unlike some other proprietary systems out there. Pantheon has done their homework with the Kentri Short Buffer System to ensure that individuals can not only install this system, but service their weapon too. A big plus for many gun owners. Be sure to get your Pantheon Arms gear right here from Vision Defense and join us in the movement to #BuildYourPassion.


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